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mardi 22 janvier 2013

Third Edition of the Biennale of the Contemporary Engraving “Città di Bassano del Grappa’’

“Città di Bassano del Grappa’’

1. Theme: the City of Bassano del Grappa - Area III Cultura Museo, mindful of the great legacy of the Remondini family, whose museum was inaugurated in September 2007 at Palazzo Sturm, announces the III edition of the Biennale of the Contemporary Engraving "Città di Bassano del Grappa", in order to contribute to the promotion and to the enhancement of the research related to the art of engraving. The event will take place in Bassano del Grappa, in Palazzo Sturm. The technical organization is entrusted to the Area III Cultura Museo of the City of Bassano del Grappa. The III Biennale will open on the 27th of April until the 7th of July 2013. These dates are subject to change.
2. Structure: The Biennale is exclusively reserved for engravings: intaglio, engraving, drypoint, mezzotint, etching, aquatint, mixed media and woodcuts, on wood wire or on wood end, linocuts, and other related materials such as plexiglass, using the same technical procedure, with absolute exclusion of lithography, screen printing, of any other photomechanical proceeding, course design, one-design and graffiti. Each contestant may submit up to two works. All the entries received must not have been awarded in other competitions. The exhibition concerning the selected works is entrusted to the Area III Cultura Museo of Bassano del Grappa.
3. Rules of participation and method of delivery of the works: those who intend to join the competition must send by 12.00 pm on the 29th of March 2013 to the Protocol Office of the City of Bassano del Grappa, Via Matteotti 35, a closed envelope bearing the words "Area III - Biennale of Contemporary Engraving ‘’Città di Bassano del Grappa", and containing the following documents:
a) written application form using the attached document;
b) a good quality digital photos of the work submitted on a CD-ROM (minimum 300 dpi TIFF format; base 20);
c) the two works for which you compete. These works must strictly observe the requirements stated in Paragraph 4;
d) curriculum vitae of the author in a digital format up to 1 folder (1800 characters including spaces).
The delivery of the application form and the photos of the works can be done by hand, by mail or by courier: the sending will happen at the sole risk of the sender. The applications received after the deadline (only the stamp by the local protocol will prevail ) will not be taken into account. The promoters and organizers of the Biennale can not in any way be held responsible for delays or non delivery of the works.
4. Formats, requirements and labeling of the works: under penalty of exclusion, the size of the works sent must not exceed 500x700 mm, must be shipped without frames or glass and equipped with simple double mat in exclusively white paper of 360 gr. and must be contained inside strong plans of cardboard, plywood or wood. Each work must be accompanied by a label affixed to the back of the plate, filled with the author name, title, date, construction technique and signature. The cost for sending the works are at the competitors’s expense.
5. Diffusion of the Notice: the Notice of the competition is published on the website of the City of Bassano del Grappa ( and on the notice board situated in the Country Hall from January 22nd to March 29th 2013.
6. Jury and prizes: After the competition deadline, the applications will be verified and the 25 works selected to be exposed during the Biennale will be written on the catalogue published by the municipality along with the biographical notes and the CV of the authors. Between the 25 selected, the jury will assign two prizes: a Prize for Jung engravers, under 35 years old, III Biennale of the Contemporary Engraving and a Prize III Biennale of the Contemporary Engraving Città di Bassano del Grappa. This selection will be made by a jury appointed by the manager of the Area III of the city of Bassano del Grappa: Maria Antonella Fusco, Franco Fanelli, Giobatta Meneguzzo, Paolo Quaresimin, Giorgio Tassotti. The decision of the jury is final. The winning work will become part of the museum collections. The Museum of
Bassano will award the winners with an exhibition during the next Biennale of the contemporary engraving. The result of the selection will be published on the website of the City of Bassano del Grappa ( The organizing secretary of the Biennale will send timely communication regarding the outcome of the selection by letter or e-mail or by phone.
7. Usage Rights: the competitors, while remaining holders of all rights of exploitation of the works presented in the
competition, recognize to the City of Bassano del Grappa the right to reproduce them free of charge for any initiative to promote the Biennale; furthermore they recognize the right to exhibit them in shows, to publish them in the catalog and in other promotional materials of the event, with clear evidence of the author. Moreover, the competition material could be used by the City, always pointing out the names of authors in publications, banners, posters, etc., even on the internet, to promote the Civic Museums of Bassano del Grappa, without the author has to claim anything. Relatively to the winning work, the City of Bassano will acquire property rights and economic exploitation of the same.
8. Withdrawal of the works: the submitted works will not be returned but will remain available for withdrawal by the 28th of September 2013 and may be withdrawn, after notification, directly from the venue of Palazzo Sturm in the museum's opening hours (from Tuesday to Saturday from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm and from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm). The withdrawal will take place in person or by a proxy signed by the author of the work. The works that will not be removed within the specified time will become property of the City of Bassano del Grappa.
9. Conditions of exclusion: The following can not enter the competition:
the Jury, their spouses, parents and relatives up to the third degree; their employees or employers or those who have ties or ongoing relations and cooperation with the members of the same; those who, for whatever reason, have participated in or contributed to the drafting of the notice; those who, on application, fail to meet the requirement of the enjoyment of civil or political rights; those against whom a sentence has been pronounced, or has became irrevocable a penal sentence, or has been requested the application of the penal sentence, within the meaning of the ‘’articolo 444 del codice di procedura penale’’ for serious offenses against the State or the Community that could affect the professional behaviour; also cause of exclusion will be a sentence with res judicata for one or more offenses of participation in a criminal organization, corruption, fraud, money laundering, as defined by the ‘’atti comunitari citati all'articolo 45, paragrafo 1, direttiva Ce 2004/18’’; those who do not obey to the rules set out in this Notice
10. Organizing Secretariat: the Secretariat of the Biennale is located at the secretariat of the Museo Civico of Bassano del
Grappa, Via Museo 12, tel. 0424/519904 - 519905 - Fax 0424/519914, e-mail: The opening hours are the following: from Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 1.00 pm. All submissions and requests for information relating to the Biennale should be addressed to the secretariat of the exhibition.
11. Damage to the works: the City of Bassano del Grappa is not responsible for any damage that would occur during the sending and the withdrawal of the works and during their stay inside the Museum.
12. Disputes: Each competitor must ensure that it is the author of the submitted work and to dispose of all the rights, that the work is original and does not give rise to any third part claims based on misleading advertising, plagiarism, imitation or counterfeit, knowing the damage which could result, in case of false statements, to the sponsors of the competition after the publication of the work, its exhibition and in every additional operation (effect of section 7). The competitor also rises the town of Bassano del Grappa from any claims made by third parties regarding the use of their works, as well as any claim for any breach of the existing legislation on intellectual property and copyright, on which from now on the
author assumes every responsibility. The personal information communicated to the Library Archive Museum Area of the City of Bassano del Grappa is collected solely for the performance of duties provided by the law, and the consent is required to partecipate in this competition. The competitor shall retain the rights conferred by the Code of Privacy (Legislative Decree no. 196, 30.06.2003) and in particular has the right to request the updating, rectification or integration of data, and to oppose data concerning him for legitimate reasons.
Bassano del Grappa, January 22th, 2013
the information on article. 13 Leg. 196/03 will be made at the time of registration data of the participants in the competition, under art. 13 paragraph 4 of the Law.
To the Municipality of Bassano del Grappa
Area III – Cultura Museo
Via Matteotti, 35
36061 Bassano del Grappa
I ...................................................................................................
BORN IN........................................................DATE................
PROVINCE..........................STREET .....................................
TAX CODE ............................................
DPR 28 December 2000, n. 445, under its sole responsibility and aware of the penalties provided by
criminal law and special laws regarding false documents,
To partecipate to the Biennale of Contemporary Engraving “Città di Bassano del Grappa”, with the
following work/works (state the title)
1. work………………………………………………
2. work………………………………………………
To be the author of the presented works and to have all the rights as specified in the Notice in paragraph 12 ; That the presented works have not been rewarded in other competitions ; To have read and to accept all the clauses in the Notice relating to the use rights of the works ; To avoid the exclusion conditions specified in the Notice in paragraph 9
Attach a photocopy of a valid identity document (identity card, driving license or passport, etc.). In
this case, the signature must be authenticated in accordance to Article 38 of Presidential Decree
December 28, 2000, No 445..
Contact : Segreteria
Museo Biblioteca Archivio
via Museo, 12
36061 Bassano del Grappa
tel. +39 0424 519904 / 519901
fax +39 0424 519914


mercredi 16 janvier 2013

Demande d'identification pour cet ex-libris

Merci de donner vos réponses à


mardi 15 janvier 2013

Retard de parution

La rédaction de "L'Ex-Libris Français" annonce du retard à la livraison 
du numéro 264-265 qui aurait du être routé fin décembre, début janvier, 
et qui ne sera imprimé et routé que fin janvier 2013.
Nous prions les membres de l'AFCEL de bien vouloir nous excuser de ce retard 
qui n'est du qu'à un surcroit de travail pour la (toute) petite équipe que nous sommes.
Merci pour votre compréhension. 

dimanche 6 janvier 2013

Exposition de clôture de la BIEL

Pour clôturer en beauté la BIEL
de Pavel HLAVATY 
artiste peintre-graveur tchèque
du 11 au 25 janvier 2013
de l'Institution Sainte Chrétienne 
Commissaire de l'exposition Dr Claude MUON
Vice-président de l'AFCEL
Vernissage vendredi 11 janvier à 18h00