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1. Theme:

The theme of the competition in 2012 is “EX LIBRIS – EX HISTORY”.The composition of the ex libris should contain the text “EX LIBRIS”. Other signs, letters, words and texts, the name of the holder may also be included, as well as the competition’s theme in the author’s native language or in English.

2. Participants:

The competition is open to works submitted by authors from all nationalities without limitations of age or professional status. There is a special category DEBUTE for children and students.

3. Techniques admitted:

All graphic techniques are admitted, signed according to the International Ex libris identification of techniques standard.

4. Size of paper and printing:

The paper used for printing must not exceed 150 x 210 mm. The printed part must not exceed than 130 x 130 mm.

5. Number of ex libris to be sent, possession, transfer of copyrights and publication.

Each author may submit up to three (3) different works and sent four (4) prints from each of them: 2 prints for the Permanent Collection of The Graphic Room, 1 print for the Library’s traveling exhibition, 1 print for exchange & collector’s fund. On the back side of each print one of the filled labels from the attached form must be attached, including information identical to the Application Form, signed by the author.

The materials submitted for the contest will not be returned and will remain property of the Library’s Fund. They become a part of the Library Graphic Room’s permanent collection and shall be entitled to their free use and publication within the cultural policy of the institution, without any explicit copyright permission. For all these events, the artists will not receive any payment or rights, except the right to receive information that the Library is obliged to keep. Information for all the activities of the Library is published at In case of changes of the information given in his Application Form, the artist must provide a timely update of his contact information. By participating in the contest each author accepts these regulations and by signing in the Application Form confirms transfer of all prints’ rights, sent to the Library.

6. Address and deadline:

The envelope containing the Ex libris with filled and signed Application Form must be received until the 31st of May 2012 (the date of post stamp will attest it) to the following address:

Graphic room – for the Exlibris Competition

Lyuben Karavelov Regional library

1st Dondukov-Korsakov Street

Bulgaria, Ruse 7000

7. Jury

The awards will be judged by a competent Jury at an open meeting presented by local and national mass media. The Jury has the right not to give all the announced awards, if it decides so.

8. Awards:

The following awards will be given:

* GAND PRIX of the Ruse Regional library - 250 EURO

* Sponsors’ awards

* DEBUTE Special award of children and students.

9. Exhibition & catalogue:

All ex libris works selected by the Jury will take a part in the special exhibition in Ruse library in October 2012.The winners’ awards will be announced and presented at a special ceremony at the opening of this exhibition. Every selected participant will receive a free catalogue and a certificate. The names of honoured authors’ will be published at by the end of October 2012.

For contacts and further information:


Tel.: +359 82 820126; fax: +359 82 820134; mob. tel.: +359 878 574920


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