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mardi 8 avril 2014

Lettre ouverte à la FISAE


Dear governors,
dear ladies (?) and gentlemen of the F.I.S.A.E.,

are there “überhaupt” ladies who are being part of this highest
authority at the ex libris scene?  Is this organization even still livable, in a time that most of the graphic artists increase each year their prices, as if the collectors are owners of a gold mine!

          I’m Anita Thys, and I’m a collector since 1999 and owner of nearly sixty bookplates on my name. I’m also married with the president of the Belgian ex libris society Graphia vzw, but let it be clear that I’m writing you in my own name. I want to declare you, that I’m knocking off my ex libris activities. Knocking of collecting and ordering of bookplates, of course of the adverse effects by the ex libris evolution. I will tell you WHY !!
          1.The F.I.S.A.E. behaves as a dead institute, without any authority, competence or financial means. It exists in name only and is unable, maybe even incompetent,  to give a solution at the sighs and complaints of her members and the collectors world-wide: e.g. contracts between artist and collectors, seizes, original plates, copyrights, prices, ….  If my memory doesn’t fail, I’m convinced that my husband asked to put it on the agenda of the F.I.S.A.E. meeting in Istanbul four years ago. He even prepared a paper about the “Serious threat for the ex librisI can’t remember that I’ve seen any comment or reaction on it. Now, four years later the situation is deteriorating as result of non acting.
          2. If artists continue to increase yearly their rewards, and collectors continue to pay this fee…. believe me ….in 10 years nobody will order still an ex libris, or you wouldn’t find any collector for exchanging. We already must conclude today, that our children have other ordinary priorities. How will you find and convince younger members to participate at our interests?
          3. It’s not only the fault of those artists. It’s very frustrating to exchange expensive bookplates, with collectors who only are interested in those highly-paid prints, even not in the quality of the print or the artistic value. In this circumstance my lust and pleasure to exchange has completely gone. I even won’t start a discussion about the negative influence of E-Bay on this strategy of prices.
          4. Also the organization of the F.I.S.A.E. is gradually ill in the same bed. The Spanish initiative doesn’t go only in concurrence with other partners, but even in this season and at that isolated location is  the fee for the most of European collectors too elitist and will raise an objection. What argument can prove the necessity for the F.I.S.A.E to organize a supplementary meeting in Europe, instead of taking profit of yearly organized and popular meetings e.g. in German, Czech Republic or Italy?

          I should appreciate your transparency and democratic behavior to distribute this considerations at your members, and If you should communicate it during the official meeting, so that the participants and the national representatives can formulate their opinion at this matter.

With kindly, but also balanced regards

Anita Thys.


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