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mercredi 21 mai 2014


Dear artist, 

This is a general message we are sending to all the artists who have
participated in any of the 34 editions of the Mini Print International of
Cadaques and we have their email address.

Until now, we have sent every year the entry forms on paper to all the
artists who have participated in the previous editions. However, the 34
editions have resulted in over 9,000 contacts around the world.

To reduce the economical and environmental burden of the process, we would
ask you if you would download the entry forms directly from our website In such case, we would send you a reminder by
email. However, the paper version will be posted to those who wish to have

We kindly ask you to select one of the following options:

1) EMAIL: Receive a notification by email when the forms are available on
the website. (In this case we will not send the paper version by post.)

2) POST: Continue receiving the entry forms by post. (In this case please
confirm your postal address to ensure the reception.)

It is important that you send us a confirmation of the option you prefer by
replying to this message. Nevertheless, no matter what you chose, you can
always change your mind later and email us about it.

We take the chance to tell you we are open to any suggestions you may have
about the management of the Mini Print International of Cadaques.

We do thank you for your participation and collaboration, for your kindness
and especially for the beautiful work you do.

Kindest regards,

Mercè Fort
Mini Print International of Cadaques team

If you don't want to receive further emails from us, please reply with
"Remove" as subject. ­­­

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